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November 3 General Election Plan Highlights


Tuesday, November 3rd (6am to 6pm)

  • Ballard High School

  • Carter Duvall Elementary School

  • Crosby Middle School

  • Fairdale High School

  • Iroquois High School

  • Jeffersontown High School

  • Meyzeek Middle School

  • Seneca High School

  • Shawnee High School

  • Southern High School

  • St Matthews Community Center

  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School

  • Valley High School

  • Wagner High School

  • Western High School

Election Day voting

  • County election officials will decide election sites on Election Day. The State Board of Elections, Secretary of State and Governor will approve each plan.

  • Every county will have at least one voting super-center, where everyone from the county can go to vote, regardless of his or her precinct.

Voter identification

  • Kentuckians who were unable to get a driver’s licenses or photo ID due to the pandemic because their clerk’s office was closed, or because they were afraid of exposing themselves to COVID-19, can sign a document explaining this concern and cast their ballot.

General Election Date:                              --November 3, 2020

Address: 4909 East Indian Trail Louisville KY 40218

Tel: 502-451-2378