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Senior Pastor Shumake


As your pastor, I have been richly blessed to be the Shepherd of such a great church.  Years ago, I made a commitment to do God’s will, be a faithful servant, and minister to my church family and community. I get joy out of serving God and doing for others, and this has only been
possible through God who strengthens me.


It is a blessing to be among praying modern day Disciples desiring, and struggling together to better live out God’s will in today’s world. As a congregation, we have supported one another striving to faithfully follow Jesus Christ and His teachings…we are “Practicing Christians.”



Our doors and arms have always been open as a symbol of hospitality and love for those who enter.  It is through these doors that we greet one another. Our sense of belonging as directly related to the spiritual experiences we have had here together. Our spiritual lives are cultivated and nurtured, and our friendships are developed and deepened. Our sense of Christian responsibility expands outside our church door, and leads us to do our missionary work in our community and beyond.


We cannot ever underestimate the power of God’s Spirit as it works through us. For it is we who are now called to go forth to tell the story of God’s love, to reach out to one another, and to office hope and help to those in need. There are never too many to do God’s work.


By using our God given gifts and talents, working together, and letting God guide us, we make a strong Christian presence that makes a difference in our church family. We have truly been blessed. My prayer s are that as we are blessed, we are a blessing to someone else. Spread the Good News! God is good all the time. His blessing are bountiful.

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