"For Others We Do Give"

Morning Prayer:

Our Father in Heaven, we give You thanks and praise for allowing us to see a new day, with the right use of our mind, and a reasonable amuont of strength.  We praise You for all You have done in our lives, throughout our journey thus far.  In spite of our unfaithfulness, Your faithful love, grace, and mercy, have been with us, each and every day, never failing us.  Create is us, hearts like Your son, Jesus, that we might speak the truth, and live the truth in love.  We acknowledge our sins before You, this morning, asking Your forgiveness, and grant unto us the compassion to forgive others.  Teach us to pray, and how to pray.  Teach us how to lift You up, that the power of the Holy Spirit might save those who are in need.  In the world today, there is a need for Your love to be seen in us, Your people.  We ask in the most blessed name of Jesus, Amen.  

Truth To Carry Home:  "The true Statue of Liberty, is the Cross of Calvery."

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